If I was to have the Timbertone® finish applied to my existing garage door, how long will I be without my garage door?

At Timbertone® we offer a same day service for customers up to 100km radius from our factory in Burleigh, Gold Coast.

Is it expensive to have the Timbertone® finish applied to my existing garage door?

The cost of applying the Timbertone® finish to your existing garage door can be up to 50% less than buying a new garage door and in some cases can be up to 10% of the cost of a real timber door.

If I have damaged one panel on my garage door, can I just have the one damaged panel replaced?

If you have one panel replaced in your Timbertone® garage door we cannot guarantee a perfect match as you will be putting new with old and there is always a chance of slight colour variation.

Why does my new Timbertone® door look slightly different to my old Timbertone® door?

All doors with a Timbertone® finish are hand coated giving each door a unique finish. We do however ensure colour variation is within 10% of the colour display at our head office in Burleigh Heads.

How long does the Timbertone® finish last?

The Timbertone® finish comes with a 5 year warranty. Like all painted surfaces it will be subject to natural fading caused by weather conditions. There are Timbertone Garage doors that have been installed for over 15 years which remain in great condition. For further information refer to the warranty.

What material is a Timbertone® garage door made from?

Timbertone® is a wet paint finish in a variety of timber look and other colour finishes applied to garage doors.

Do you have a show room or display where I can view the different colours available?

We have a full display of all colours at our head office in Burleigh Heads. For those unable to visit our head office please contact us and we will refer you to a local representative.

Can you apply a Timbertone® finish to products other than garage doors?

Yes. You can apply a Timbertone® finish to many products including fibre cement cladding and sheeting, aluminium, metal flashing and pedestrian gates. See our galleries page.

Why does the same colour vary in appearance from sunlight to shade?

The Timbertone® colours may vary in different lighting due to the translucent nature of the coating.

Can you apply the Timbertone® finish to roller doors and tilt doors?

Yes we can, in certain circumstances it can be applied to an existing roller door and tilt doors.

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