Timbertone® Garage Doors offers an innovative, affordable and visually pleasing alternative to an actual timber garage door.

Timbertone team members in front of our West Burleigh Office.

Timbertone ® located on the Gold Coast, Queensland

The look of wood, none of the maintenance.

Over the more recent years the garage door has become a focal point in the appearance of the contemporary home, and with that, the desire for the warmth and texture of a timber garage door has become more and more popular. However, they still have the same associated problems today that they had in the past. Namely, cost and high maintenance. Even if you are able to afford the initial cost of the door purchase, you still have the additional ongoing cost of the maintenance which, if not regularly performed, will cause the timber of the door to deteriorate significantly, even to the point of being unusable and possibly irreparable not to mention unattractive, again only adding to the cost.

Genuine Timbertone® is a unique method of overcoming these areas of concern by providing a garage door with the beautiful look of timber, but without the associated costs of maintenance and at a fraction of the cost, of an actual timber door.

Timbertone® Garage Doors Available Australia Wide

Based on the Gold Coast at West Burleigh, Queensland, Timbertone® Garage Doors currently supplies into all States in Australia through most major door manufacturers, re-sellers, builders and others.

Embracing current trends Timbertone now comes in a palette of six timber tones to choose ranging from the classic deep Timbertone to the golden tones of Cypress

Award winning Products

Since commencing business in August 2003 Timberton®e Garage Doors and the Timbertone® product have already won awards in the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards in 2005 and 2006 for emerging company and innovation as well as becoming a Queensland Finalist in the Telstra Business Awards 2006 in the Australian Government Micro Business category.

Currently there are over 20,000 Timbertone® doors in the market place, the oldest being approximately eleven years old and looks as fantastic today as it did on the day it was installed.

We are sure that both you and your home can only benefit from using a genuine Timbertone® garage door.